Partners for Sustainable Pollination — Partners for Sustainable Pollination works with farmers and beekeepers to improve the health of honey bees and support native pollinators. Their mission is to foster awareness and support for providing increased availability of flowering plants to honey bees and native pollinators.

Scientific Beekeeping — “Beekeeping Through a Biologist’s Eyes”. Randy Oliver provides readable summaries of current worldwide scientific research on bee-related topics. He also offers practical suggestions based upon my his experience running a 1000-colony migratory beekeeping operation in California), and that of other successful and innovative beekeepers.

American Bee Journal — The oldest English-language beekeeping publication in the world, packed with articles ranging from scientific to nostalgic.

How Gardeners Can Protect the Bee Population — Page of information and links on honeybee-friendly gardening practices.

A Guide to Bringing Up Bees in Your Own Backyard — Compact general overview of backyard beekeeping, including suggested equipment and considerations for siting the hive. Special thanks to Jorge Taveras for sharing this resource!

Teaching Kids About the Importance of Honeybees — Nice page with info on why honeybees are important to humans, written for kids. Also a great collection of links to other kid-friendly honeybee sites at the bottom of the page. Special thanks to Ava Edmonds for sharing this resource!

Bees & Honey: Creating Pollinator Gardens — Easy-to-follow tips on creating a garden that provides food for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Includes a good collection of links to additional sites with information on polllinator-friendly gardening at the bottom of the page. Special thanks to Jenna Miller for sharing this resource!