IMPORTANT: Items available for purchase other than membership (i.e., bee packages, classes, etc.) will be displayed only when you are a current member and are signed in to your shop account.

2024 Package, Nuc and Queen sales are closed.

If you were hoping to order bees but haven’t done so yet, the Guild has several members offering local nucs for sale. The local nucs are not sold through the Guild, and the Guild makes no guarantee of their quality.

2024 Nuc Pickup Date is Saturday, May 11

Delivery date : May 11, between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Delivery location:  Peninsula Feed Store, 346 El Camino Real, Redwood City (map).  Please note that in an effort to reduce the workload on our volunteers, latecomers will be required to pay a $20 late fee if the distribution team are still at the PFS; $40 if the nucs have had to be taken home to a volunteer’s apiary after distribution has closed.

  • It can take up to 72 hours to activate your membership if you paid by check/cash. Paying dues online activates your membership immediately. Plan accordingly!
  • If you can’t see/purchase dues for the current year, that means you’ve already paid for this year. If you paid dues online, you can log into your account and review your purchases in the Orders tab. If you paid by check/cash, the purchase will not show up in your online dashboard.
  • Due to both of the points above, if at all possible please pay your dues online — doing so is more goof-proof, activates your account faster, and creates much less work for our volunteers than if you pay in cash/by check.

Thank you!

Member Bob Silverstein has put together a handy FAQ about package bees, download it here: Package Bee FAQ.

Members are able to borrow the Guild’s extracting equipment, currently housed in 4 locations in San Mateo County.  Because borrowing the equipment a membership benefit, the information on how to do so is in the members-only section of the e-shop.  To view the locations, log into your shop account — the store will then display an Extractor Locations “product”.