The Guild’s bee ordering program is offered as a service to members, and is run entirely voluntarily, not by professionals or as a business. It represents hundreds of hours of unpaid work and considerable financial investment by the Guild. Because of this and because the quality of any individual nuc/package is beyond our control and young colony survival is very subject to the skills of the beekeeper, the Guild cannot provide any guarantee or refund on these items.

Please note that members are not permitted to contact our suppliers directly regarding issues with their Guild bee purchases, as it negatively impacts the Guild’s ability to maintain good relationships with the suppliers, and may jeopardize our ability to order with them. Any issues with a bee order should be brought immediately to the attention of the board.

If on the day you pick up your package you find the queen dead in her cage, please make a short video of the dead queen in her cage and email it to . The Guild may replace DOA queens as a courtesy while our limited supply lasts. Note: the buyer must make arrangements to pick up the replacement queen within 24 hours.

Nucs with a DOA queen will usually requeen naturally, so replacement queens will not be given in the case of nucs. Please consult with your mentor and/or beginner beekeeping books to learn how to naturally requeen your hive.

By ordering bees through the Guild, you are indicating that you have read and understand all of the above and will abide by the Guild’s guidelines.

Please note: All bee sales are final — bee orders are non-cancellable and non-refundable. Additionally, please note that if you arrive after the cutoff time for package/queen distribution, you will forfeit your package/queen.